Hey! I'm Monica. A lover of neat spaces, aspiring minimalist, and want-to-be avid reader, but I'm also a stay-at-home mom of three (ages eight, six, and eighteen months) so any quiet time I get, you can find me watching This is Us or browsing Pinterest.  

I admittedly am the mom who desperately wants to embrace the mess but cringes every time yogurt spills and crumbs fall. 

When my oldest two were starting solids, we had a family dog who willingly licked the spills and ate all the tossed food. I seriously had no idea how much food he ate until my youngest began solids last summer. Sadly our dog had passed by then and there I was, on my hands and knees, wiping and vacuuming under the highchair after every snack and meal. I began dreading his time in the highchair and even began to feel some guilt because meal time was a time for him to explore food. To feel, taste, and explore all the varieties. And I couldn't do it without wanting to contain the mess. 

I quickly went online to see what products were out there to help solve this problem. I came across many reusable splat mats and even added one to my online cart. But it dawned on me that I'd have to wash this mat on the daily. And I definitely didn't want to add more laundry to my to-do list. 

There were a couple options for disposable mats but both didn't make the cut due to their loud designs (think cartoon characters that I didn't want on my floor all day), product materials and expensive prices. 

That's when Theo's Mats was imagined. I wanted to make mealtime easier while keeping in mind the environment... and my budget. 

Let Theo's Mats do the hard work so you can embrace the mess!