Safety Hack - ID Tags for Kids

Safety Hack - ID Tags for Kids

Do you have a little one starting Preschool? Maybe one in Elementary School and attending field trips this year? How are you feeling about it? Please tell me I'm not the only nervous Nellie out there? Let me tell you one safety precaution I have done with all three of my kids. 

An Identification Tag. 

I first bought one for my son when he was in preschool six years ago. Fear and anxiety got to me and I wanted to make sure he had some sort of identification on him at all times. 

I searched Pinterest for ideas and ended up buying a dog tag off Amazon to put on his sneakers. They're customizable which was perfect because I simply wanted his first and last name, DOB, and ICE #. 

Seems simple enough but when a child gets lost, they can often forget their info because they're panicked. This helped ease my heart knowing that he had this on his shoe while on field trips, at a busy park, airport, or even in a bad car accident. 

Meant for pets but also perfect for little ones in my opinion.


Tell me, what other safety precautions do you take with your little ones? I've heard mamas put temporary tattoos on their kiddos when traveling to big amusement parks. Would you try this?

Tags purchased here:

*Not a sponsored post. Simply sharing from one mama to another. 

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