Pumpkin Carving with Kids - Lessons Learned

Pumpkin Carving with Kids - Lessons Learned

With Halloween being five days away we had to squeeze in another festive activity - pumpkin carving. 

I will be completely honest with you and admit that I have never carved a pumpkin in all my life. I never had any interest until this year and well, it was a lot trickier than it's made out to be! 

Things I anticipated:

The mess. The goop and the seeds were everywhere! It was a perfect opportunity to use our disposable splat mats. They made cleanup so quick!

Things I did not anticipate:

That I'd have to bribe my kids to stay involved as I carved their patterns because they were too young to use such sharp knives. Skittles were a hit and kept them at the table. 

Things I learned:

Pumpkin carving with three kids is tricky! Next time, I will make sure to have side activities for Theo, in particular, to do while I carve. I'm thinking painting small pumpkins or festive coloring sheets. 

Overall, it was a fun! We played spooky music throughout the house, ate a little candy, and the real highlight was watching their excitement when we lit the pumpkins on the porch. Totally worth the two hours it took from start to finish. 

Tell me, do you carve pumpkins every year? What other Halloween traditions do you have? 


Pumpkin Carving Set - I invested in this set and was really happy with the quality. Will definitely use again next year. 

Disposable and Compostable Splat Mats - Shameless plug for our product but they really were perfect for an activity like this! Can be purchased on our website or on Amazon. 

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