Small Parenting Win that Felt Big

Small Parenting Win that Felt Big

Hey there!

I'm Monica, mom of three, want to be minimalist, and self proclaimed athlete (running after Theo counts, right?)

THEO'S was imagined when our youngest began solids. We had done BLW with our oldest two children so it was a given that we'd do the same with Theodore. However, I quickly realized that one thing had changed since feeding my oldest two...

Our dog had passed away and not only did I miss his snuggles, I began to really miss his duty as cleanup crew after each meal. 

Like other mamas who needed a quick solution, I turned to Amazon and searched for a solve. My search came up with many adorable splat mat options and I even added one to my cart. (Anyone else use their cart as a "bookmark for later"?)

When I finally went to order it, it dawned on me that I'd still have to wipe it down and in some cases, throw it in the washing machine. No thanks! 

I went on to offer different foods to Theo, some he loved, others, well...they were quickly tossed over board. I even started to pick foods that weren't as messy as others because of the dreaded mess which then led me to feel guilty. I needed a product that was minimal in design, not terrible for the environment, and one that I didn't need to be cleaned. 

When I tell you it didn't exist, it didn't exist. And I must have complained one too many times to Matthew because he finally said, "Ok, let's create a solution for you and other mamas out there". It was music to my ears! 

We tried it all. Dog pee pads, tissue paper, and plastic disposable mats that were on the market until we finally landed on a design and material we felt good about. 

Theo's Mats gave me back time and sanity. I was no longer holding back when offering food because I knew that cleanup was going to be easy moving forward. I no longer cringed at the drop of noodles, rice, and broccoli. Cleanup time drastically decreased and because they're eco-friendly, I felt good using them.

It was a small win. But it felt like a big win because us mamas always have so much on our plates and time is limited, isn't it?


Tell me a small win that felt big recently in your motherhood journey. Cheering you on from Colorado. 


Monica, Theo's Mom 

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