Connecting Kids and Family from Afar - DIY Board Book

Connecting Kids and Family from Afar - DIY Board Book

Did you know that babies learn by looking at people's faces? All colors, expressions, and age, they learn to recognize identities and even learn language by doing so. Pretty cool, isn't it? 

We had a handful of baby faces books that Theo loved. But because we live far from family, I wanted a book that had his Mimi, Papa, and Aunties included. If you know me, you know I love a good craft but wouldn't consider myself super creative. I love a quick and easy project! 

I ended up finding blank board books online and simply added family photos. Theo LOVED them (he still does!) and they've held up great! 

If you're a new mama then you'll want to save this easy DIY - Just four supplies needed and you'll have your own custom faces book for your baby to enjoy. 



Board Books - I chose size 5x5 so Theo could easily hold them and these worked perfectly. 

Mod Podge: Pretty sure you can find this in the craft aisle at the Dollar Store too. 

Sponge Brush: Also at the Dollar Store.

Family Photos: Best to use recent photos of family members so that they're recognizable. And try to pick photos with limited distractions in the background. This will keep baby focused on Mimi's face rather than what's behind her. 



1. Cut out photos a bit smaller than the actual board page. This will allow you add glue on the photo edge which will help the photo adhere to the page better. 

2. Add mod podge to middle of the page and spread outwards with sponge brush. Note: It will go on white but dries clear. 

3. Let dry before moving on to next page. Mod Podge dries pretty quickly so depending on how long your little one naps, this could be a nap time project. If not, then finish it up after baby goes to bed for the night so book can dry over night. 

*Once dried, you can simply write, with permanent marker, the name of the person. Either on the bottom or on the adjacent page. I don't love my hand writing so I used my label maker and printed names. 

That's it! Easy-peasy and super cute! They are so customizable too - think a first word book with simple objects on each page (apple, car, ball) or even Holiday themed!



If you make a board book, make sure to tag us @theos_mats on Instagram. I'd love to see it! These books also make adorable gifts for a new mama. 

*Not a commissioned posts - simply products I've used and love. 

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