Play Doh Setup and Cleanup Made Easy!

Play Doh Setup and Cleanup Made Easy!

We have always been a "paints and playdoh stay in the kitchen" home because well...have you tried to get playdoh out of a carpet?! It's a nightmare!

I want to share a simple mom hack that has worked for us to keep activities like playdoh organized but still accessible for the kids. This is the best hack, especially when your toddler wants to play with playdoh first thing in the morning and you're still just trying to drink your first cup of coffee. 

Our current kitchen storage doesn't allow for our craft bins tucked away in a cabinet so I had to get creative when we moved to this house. It's the popular three-tier cart that is not only adorable, but also very functional.

I originally purchased this cart when Theo was a newborn and I was nursing all over the house and needed to keep pump supplies readily available. (Told ya the possibilities are endless for these things!) But once he hit toddlerhood and became interested in playdoh, it quickly became the playdoh cart. It keeps everything organized, allows me to see when we are running low on supplies, and more importantly, allows Theo to pull it out from the hallway closet and roll it over to the kitchen all by himself. And anything he can do independently is a win in my book! We also have a second one that stores markers, crayons, and paints because we trust no one with those around the house. 

How to set yours up:

Find yourself a cart on wheels - We have both of these ones and love them: and 

You could buy new but may want to check Facebook Marketplace first because I see them listed on there often. 

Add various containers of playdoh on the top tier which helps you see when you're running low and need to restock. If you're fancy and make your own playdoh then you can store them in little airtight containers and place them here too. Easy for little hands to grab and get creating. 

I make sure to keep disposable mats on the top tier so I remember to use them to contain the mess. Trust me, I never regret using them. Makes clean up a breeze! 

I had old tupperware containers that I put all the tools and molds in. Check the Definitely check the Dollar Store for tupperware if you're looking to purchase new. 

Our bottom tier holds the bulky items like the playdoh firetruck and press. 

That's it!


Tell me, do you have one of these carts at home? What do you use it for?

*Not a sponsored post. Just sharing from one mama to another 

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