Frequently Asked Questions

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I have used Theo's Mats for when Theo is "coloring". At eighteen months his coloring is more like scribbling and he always ends up coloring on the table. Theo's Mats act like an extended coloring sheet!

I have also used them as disposable table cloths for when my daughter is crafting. Theo's Mats protect the table from sticky glue and simply contains the mess. Just roll it up afterwards and toss! 

Yes, Theo's Mats are able to resist water to a degree. The material is a version of the food safe paper used at sandwich shops which are designed to keep food and liquid condiments contained.

No! In fact, I don't replace it until after dinner each night. And it all really depends on how messy the mat gets. Which is why I believe the minimal design is not an eye sore to look at all day long. 

When Theo first started eating solids, it became apparent that most of his tossed food was off either side of his high chair tray or in front. Never in back. That's why Theo's Mats were designed to provide coverage on either side of the high chair and in front.